P.S: BEYONCE IN LABOR!!! Media Takeout is Reporting

Jan 06, 2012

UPDATE 1/6/2012 12:06pm EST: I may have been dooped. Another report is saying not only is Beyoncé not in labor but she’s at work!

Alright. It’s Friday, so here’s some gossip. Media Take Out, which has a pretty good track record of breaking stories (mostly divorces), is reporting Beyoncé Knowles is in labor.

The same reports made headlines last week and proved to be untrue but now we’ve got a site that prides itself in getting gossip from "hairstylists, bodyguards or bitter ex-girlfriends" reporting the news.

and is it a coincidence Solange Knowles tweeted this 3 hours ago?

Is she tweeting about Baby Carter?