Prominent San Francisco Artist René Yañez Faces Eviction After 30 Years in the Mission

A campaign is building to help save an artist's longtime home.

By Jamilah King Oct 04, 2013

Another day, another sad story of a San Francisco family facing eviction.

Last week, Julianne Hing wrote about an elderly Chinese couple who won a hard-fought delay in their effort to stay in their Chinatown home.

Now, San Francisco’s Mission Local brings us the story of longtime artist René Yañez, who’s facing eviction after nearly three decades in his home in the city’s Mission district. Yañez’s wife, Yolanda, and son, Rio, are also included in the eviction notice.

"René and Yolanda helped paint the neighborhood into what it is today," Sarah Guerra, the operations manager at the Brava Theater and one of the many artists in the neighborhood who are organizing support efforts, told Mission Local.

Rio Yañez, 33, added: "There’s a lot going on that I am trying to reconcile with. Both of my parents have made a pretty large cultural investment with the city, but there’s not a lot of protection at this point."

"Rent control is what afforded my parents with the opportunity to live in this city and make art. Being an artist means they have no savings, no retirement, no health care. They live check to check. For their dedication to art, that’s where they are. With elderly people like them, with limited income, this essentially makes them homeless."