Profiling Incidents Run Rampant; First Concern for Latinos is Economy

By The News Jan 16, 2009

Airport Incidents Prove Profiling Still Prevalent Two recent incidents at airports during the holiday season point out that profiling is still being utilized as a security measure. As neither incident posed any threat whatsoever, the real victims were the racially-profiled passengers, MSNBC News. NYPD Putting Out Record Profiling Numbers The NYPD is projected to be on pace to stop and question a whopping half a million citizens this year, an overwhelming majority of which – around 80% – identifying as black or Latino. NY Daily News. Economy Now First Priority for Latinos A recent survey conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center shows that a majority of Latinos find the economy to be their most pressing concern, trumping immigration as an issue that had been a larger priority for them in past years. The Washington Post. People of Color Hit Hard for Years By Economic Woes United for a Fair Economy released a report providing data and analysis that shows, while America has been undergoing this relatively recent economic recession, people of color have already been experiencing a "Silent Depression" for several years. San Francisco BayView.