Leave it to the investigative reporters at "Inside Edition" to hire a professional lip reader to make out just what was said before the First Lady rolled her eyes and delivered a bit of shade to John Boehner.

Inside Edition has the details:

So what was said? We asked expert lip reader Larry Wenig. Wenig believes John Boehner is asking President Obama whether he had a chance to have a cigarette before the luncheon.

President Obama gave up cigarettes three years ago. Boehner is a known chain smoker.

Our lip reader, Wenig, caught Boehner saying, "Somebody won’t let you do it", referring to Michelle, which prompted the first lady’s big eye roll.

The Hill reached out to Boehner’s camp, which has rejected Wenig’s reading of the brief conversation, calling it "not true."

The UK’s DailyMail also reached out to three different lip-reading experts but none of them could confidently make out the words.