Prison Problem in CA Continues; Revisiting the N Word

By The News Dec 05, 2008

Overcrowding Continues to Plague California Prisons "California prisons have become the largest mental health system for the poor, the largest battered women’s shelter, and the largest system of public housing."New America Media. Students See A Real Immigrant Story Students from Herndon High School witnessed history first-hand yesterday, sitting in on an oath-taking ceremony and celebrated naturalization for a small group of new citizens. For many of the students, participating in the event stirred their own personal connection to the naturalization process, recalling what the experience was like for their parents.The Washington Post. Doing Without the N Word A writer re-examines the N word’s role in today’s society, and casually considers how new slang can replace the old. Miami Herald. Black Brazilians Inspired but Reflective After Obama Win Witnessing Barack Obama’s ascension into Presidency in the U.S. has drawn a positive response from Blacks in Brazil, but has also challenged many to consider more critically the state of race relations in the country. Black Brazilians are considering how they can create genuine social advancement for themselves in spite of the racial undertones working against them. Chicago Tribune.