Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain’s 1996 Gospel Album Hits the Web

And believe it or not, the man can sing.

By Bryan Gerhart Jul 14, 2011

Turns out pizza mogul, crocodile dundee, and Islamaphobic, but gay-friendly (they believe in the Constitution, you see), GOP Presidential hopeful Herman Cain can add another persona to what already looks like a list of characters from the beginning of a "…walks into a bar" joke. Apparently the Republican recorded a Gospel album in 1996, and… well, would you look at that! Someone put it on the Internet.

Cain’s collection Sunday Morning, which is available for free download on his campaign website, displays that the Atlanta Conservative’s voice might be put to better use singing the good word than quoting the Constitution. Seriously; the man’s got chops. Cain’s velvety baritone floats over the synth-heavy tracks gracefully.

With the exception of "This Is The Day," which throws the "horns" setting on your old keyboard into the mix and ups the tempo to a not-quite-rollicking pace, Sunday Morning is a subdued affair, unhurriedly making its way through a number of revamped hymns. The result is nearly-hypnotic. Herman Cain, who also has author and Baptist minister on his résumé, is currently behind Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney in the polls. Hey, it’s a tough job market out there – at least he’s got a few backup options if his plan to become the second Black president doesn’t pan out.