Postville a Broken Town After Raid, and Other News

By The News May 05, 2009

Iowa Town Suffers After Immigration Raid Postville is still feeling the sting of last year’s Agriprocessor immigration raid. The company has since gone bankrupt and left many small businesses, that had unsecured debt with the plant, in crisis. Kansas City Star Shortage of American Indian Dentists Hurts Community With one American Indian dentist for every 32,000 American Indians, dental care on the rez is hard to find. Arizona Central Cancer Pain Much Worse Among People of Color A recent study by the University of Michigan Health System finds that people of color with advanced cancer experience more pain than whites. People of color reported that they have more pain on a daily basis affecting their general activity, mood and walking. Univ of Michigan Supreme Court to Consider Life in Prison for Youth The court will begin to discuss sentencing youth to life in prison for charges that do not include homicide. Lawyers opposing the life in prison sentence say it is cruel and unusual punishment to send a minor to life in prison. Reuters