Polls: Race Still Matters to Voters; Stamp Honors Latino Journalist

By The News Apr 24, 2008

Visible Man Author Colson Whitehead reflects on his invisibility and how it feels to be looked at as, "The Guy Who Got Where He Is Only Because He’s Black." New York Times. Broken Virtual Border Scrapped After spending $20 million on a virtual fence along the Arizona-Mexico border, the government is scrapping the plans because the system is failing to adequately alert border patrol agents when there are crossings. Associated Press. Stamp Honors Slain Latino Journalist Today, the United States Postal Service is releasing a stamp commemorating journalist Ruben Salazar, who was killed while covering an anti-war demonstration on August 29, 1970 in East Los Angeles. Salazar was known for his work as racial justice advocate, crossing racial and ethnic lines to reveal injustice. OC Register. Race Still Plays a Role in Obama’s Electability "For Mr. Obama, race presents two potential problems: Voters opposing him simply because he is black, and Democrats who will not support him because they do not think a black man can win a general election." New York Times.