POLL: Latinx Voters Eying Clinton for President

By Kenrya Rankin Jul 28, 2016

A new poll of registered Latinx voters living in 12 battleground states shows that they are not interested in voting for Donald Trump and do not agree with many of the positions championed at last week’s Republican National Convention.

The Latino Victory Project commissioned political research firm Latino Decisions to interview 800 Latinxs in states with large Hispanic populations—including Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and Florida—whose votes could have a huge impact on the presidential election. NBC News reports that the results were released yesterday (July 27) during an event held at the Democratic National Convention.

Key findings:

  • 62 percent expressed favorable views of the Democratic party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton
  • 56 percent say they will definitely vote for Clinton, and another 15 percent are leaning in her direction
  • 20 percent expressed favorable views of her opponent, Donald Trump
  • 16 percent say they will vote for Trump, with another 8 percent considering it
  • 80 percent support Dem’s climate change policy
  • 82 percent are in line with the Democratic party’s immigration policy
  • 26 percent are in agreement with the Republican nominee’s proposed ban on Muslims
  • 68 percent are on board for a $15 per hour minimum wage
  • 68 percent support the Democratic party’s views on access to abortions
  • 95 percent want background checks for all gun purchases, and 67 percent support a ban on the sale of assault weapons


Read the full report here.