Police Sergeant Caught With Trayvon Martin Shooting Targets Says Sorry I’m Not Sorry

By Jorge Rivas Apr 15, 2013

The Port Canaveral, Fla., Port Authority police sergeant who was fired after he brought shooting targets resembling Trayvon Martin to a firearms training says he’s the victim of another sergeant’s political agenda. Sergeant Ron King was fired last Thursday for offering two fellow officers shooting targets with Trayvon’s likeness wearing a hoodie and holding a bag of Skittles and a can of Arizona iced tea–items the young teen was holding when he was killed just an hour away from where the gun training was held.

King published a 5-minute video to YouTube on Saturday to say he’s the victim of a scheme based on "lies, false information and political agenda." King went on to say he had no intention of using Trayvon’s likeness for target practice, instead, his intention was to use them as a training tool for "a no-shoot situation."

King went on to say his accusers are using "the Martin family and [himself] as a way to further their own political and career agendas."

"To the Martin Family, I would like to apologize again for those law enforcement officials that chose to use your son’s death as an element for their personal and political gains. I assure you the use of these targets that are in question is to prevent a tragedy from taking place," King said in the video.

Port Canaveral officials say the Trayvon shooting targets were inappropriate any way you look at it.

"Whether his act was hatred or stupidity, none is tolerable," John Walsh, CEO of Port Canaveral, told local news station WFTV.

In a statement from Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Trayvon Martin’s family, he said "Using a dead child’s image as target practice is reprehensible."