Phoenix Ranks #2 Among Best Cities for College Grads

By Daisy Hernandez May 12, 2010

It used to be that "best of" lists were confined to the best dressed at the Golden Globes and the best children’s books to read. But we’re living in gringolandia where the goal is not just to have more but to have the best of more. So now our lives are littered with compilations of the best smartphones, the best iPhone apps, and the best places to retire. Today, two online companies issued their list of best cities for recent college grads. These meticulous researchers consulted the Census to find out which cities had the most young people. Then they added to the formula the cities with the most jobs requiring less than a year of experience and, of course, the places that had the cheapest rent for a one bedroom apartment. The results? Atlanta, Phoenix and Denver are your best choices for the after-college life. Alas, the best researchers didn’t think to consult…oh, I don’t know…every major media outlet carrying news on the anti-immigrant legislation in Arizona. Or local media coverage of a Latino murdered by a white neighbor who shouted racial slurs. But then again maybe the researchers didn’t think that anyone with brown skin was graduating from college this year.