Pharrell’s Native Blood Doesn’t Excuse That Headdress

By Jamilah King Jun 06, 2014

Does the fact that Pharrell claims Native blood excuse his decision to wear a headdress on the cover of Elle UK? No, according to an editorial published by Indian Country.

A lot of people who don’t self-identify as American Indian have some American Indian heritage. Many of them don’t even know it. Others have a vague idea of Native heritage–there can be a grain of truth to family lore or even the "my grandmother was a Cherokee princess" cliché. But having an American Indian ancestor or relative isn’t a license to use that relative’s culture spontaneously and without context. Here’s another way of looking at it: Many of the people who are appalled by this image are deeply connected to their Native culture and live it every day. Iftheysay the picture is hurtful, it’s hurtful, and a Cherokee grandmother doesn’t change that.

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