Pennsylvania Legislators Seek to Rename ‘Negro Mountain’

By Kenrya Rankin Jul 24, 2015

Anyone who has ever driven across Pennsylvania knows that it is home to countless mountains, from the gently rolling to the so-big-you-have-to-drive-through-them. But right now, all eyes are on a 30-mile long ridge of the Alleghenies. Its name: Negro Mountain. State lawmakers have asked the U.S. Geological Survey to change the name.

Negro Mountain is said to have originally been named in 1700 in honor of a black settler—known as Nemesis—who died fighting Native Americans alongside white settlers on the mountain and was buried there. A 1995 proposal to change it to Black Hero Mountain failed because of a lack of support.

“You would expect something like this in Alabama or Mississippi, not in the northern states,” Pennsylvania state representative Rosita Youngblood told local station WGAL. “I think it’s ridiculous, especially since we know the man’s name was Nemesis.”

The United States Board on Geographic Names has agreed to change it—if local residents agree. A search on the board’s site shows that there are actually eight Negro Mountains in America, including summits in Alabama and Montana.

Watch video from WGAL here.