Paula Deen Fires Social Media Manager Over Twitter Photo of Her Son in Brownface

By Sameer Rao Jul 08, 2015

In what’s probably the most sensationally unsurprising news of the past few days, Paula Deen not only had an absurd picture of her son Bobby in brownface (see screenshot of photo above) posted to her social media accounts yesterday, but she laid the blame on a social media manager as well. 

According to CNN, a statement issued by the infamous chef and media personality’s spokeswoman states that Deen is apologetic "to all who were offended" and that her company "has terminated their relationship with this Social Media Manager." Notably missing from the statement was any sincere reckoning with race and racism, particularly in the wake of the controversy that arose around Deen in 2013, when she was fired from the Food Network amidst revelations that she had knowingly used the N-word. 

The picture in question, which shows Deen dressed as Lucille Ball and her son donning brownface to portray Desi Arnaz, was previously featured on her Facebook page in 2011 as part of a series of outtakes from her show "Paula’s Best Dishes." The posts of that photo have since been deleted from all of Deen’s social media accounts.

Bobby Deen has previously appeared on CNN with his brother Jamie to defend his mother against allegations of racism. So much for that. 

(H/t CNN