‘Pariah’ Opens to Strong and Promising Limited Release

The long awaited film is only playing on four screens nationwide but industry insiders say it's looking like it'll have a strong wider release later this week.

By Jorge Rivas Jan 02, 2012

Director Dee Rees’s long awaited feature film "Pariah" had a strong opening weekend with its limited release.

Industry insiders at IndieWire’s Shadow and Act blog say "Pariah" did "extremely well" in it’s very limited release this past weekend, making almost $81,500 in only four theaters nationwide. (For reference, last year’s "Gun Hill Road" made $12,600 on each screen in the three theaters when it first premiered.)

"We had an uphill battle in funding the film with financiers and investors balking at the story because it was ‘too small and specific,’ which is code for ‘too black and too gay’" Rees told Colorlines.com last month.

If the film continues to do well, it’ll help prove those financiers and investors wrong and get them to think twice before they reject and label films too ethnic.

Currently the film is only playing on four screens nationwide; Los Angeles, San Francisco and two screens in Manhattan. The film will have a wider release beginning January 6, 2012.

Colorlines will bring you a film review and interviews with the director and casts members later this week.