Parent Trigger Hits Again in Los Angeles’ Watts Public School

The controversial school reform tactic is picking up steam as it moves through Southern California.

By Julianne Hing May 14, 2013

Just weeks after their [first triumph]( with the Los Angeles Unified School District, the parent trigger advocacy group Parent Revolution announced Monday that they’re going for another parent trigger win in the same district. Parents at Weigand Avenue Elementary School in Los Angeles’ Watts neighborhood, who organized themselves to pull the parent trigger with the help of Parent Revolution, filed a successful petition last month to overhaul their children’s school. LAUSD verified the parents’ petition. Now, the parents’ chosen reform model, which calls for the overhaul of Weigand by replacing the principal and undergoing other deep institutional changes, will move ahead. The Weigand parent trigger effort, which marks the fourth time that the use of the parent trigger has been attempted, is the very first to call for an in-district reform. Past attempts have led to bitter court battles, charter school takeovers or greater charter school involvement in a school campus. "We want to work with the district and the teachers to make our school a place where our children can learn and succeed," Weigand parent activist Llury Garcia said in a statement.