Padilla Sentenced This Week; MO Judge Denies Ballot Language

By The News Jan 08, 2008

Missouri Judge Rejects Affirmative Action Language A victory for Ward Connerly and others against affirmative action, a Missouri judge ruled against ballot initiative language that describes affirmative action as programs designed to eliminate discrimination. Kansas City Star. Jose Padilla to be Sentenced Jose Padilla, an American citizen detained by the government as an enemy combatant, will be sentenced later this week. Associated Press. Group Creates Guide on Immigrants’ Remittance The Appleseed Network is turning its attention to the growing immigrant remittance market and simultaneously giving banks a guide to get in on the action. Banks would serve as an alternative to the money transfer companies like Western Union that have recently been boycotted by immigrant groups for unfair practices. San Francisco Chronicle. Preacher Calls Abortion a Civil Rights Issue, NAACP Disagrees A Berkeley anti-abortion minister has begun a campaign to fight abortion in the Black community calling abortion the ‘Darfur in America’, but the NAACP names education, political engagement, and the economy as higher priorities for the Black community. San Francisco Chronicle.