Out Mag Celebrates Black Mothers and Daughters of the Movement

By Sameer Rao Feb 12, 2019

Janet Mock just guest edited the first issue of Out magazine created by and exclusively featuring women and nonbinary femmes. She uses the occasion to give voice to Black LGBTQ feminists and activists that the issue, which debuted online today (February 12), identifies as "Mothers and Daughters of the Movement." 

rntThis issue, which is pegged to March’s Women’s History Month, features Stonewall Uprising veteran Miss Major Griffin-Gracy and multimedia artist Tourmaline on the cover. They also appear in individual profiles, as do the other cover shoot stars: former Black Youth Project 100 director Charlene Carruthers, Black Futures Lab creator Alicia Garza and Combahee River Collective co-creator Barbara Smith

The cover story features all five activists giving additional perspectives on their work. Here’s how they all describe "who they fight for":


Miss Major: My transgender community. My girls—my Black girls, first, and then everybody else.


Barbara Smith: Everyone who’s oppressed all over the globe and anyone who’s being hurt or exploited. I fight for humanity.


Alicia Garcia: Myself, Black people, Black queer women, Black trans women, everybody who deserves to live with dignity and doesn’t get to do that right now.


Charlene Carruthers: Myself, my ancestors, my niece, my mother, all Black women, queer folks, trans folks, gender nonconforming folks and disabled folks.


Tourmaline: People in prison, hustling and not making ends meet, in hospitals, people who can’t get out of bed or can’t get out of a home, people living in homeless shelters and the underdogs. I am the underdog that I fight for.

Read more of their wisdom at Out.com