Oprah Learns That People Don’t Grow “Gayer”

In a rare moment, the talk show host has to check herself.

By Jorge Rivas Feb 04, 2011

The best show on the Oprah Winfrey Network is "Oprah Behind the Scenes." You get to watch Oprah having conversations with her staff about her hair and her dogs. Occasionally, you get to hear real conversations that lead to important life lessons for the seasoned talk show host. Recently, Oprah had author Terry McMillan and her ex-husband Jonathan Plummer on to discuss their relationship post-divorce. During the taping, Oprah told Jonathan, who has since come out of the closet as gay, that he "seemed gayer now." Then Oprah gets a call from the head of public relations, and viewers see the real treasure. Oprah and her staff talk about sexuality, race and the importance of staying open to learning from others.