The Onion: White Girl Sentenced To Trial As Black Adult

Because sometimes all you can do is laugh.

By Jamilah King Jan 24, 2011

The Onion recently launched its news TV show, and from all we can tell, it’s off to a pretty strong start. Case in point? This satirical segment on the white girl who was sentenced to be tried as a black adult. It’s a light spin on the heartbreaking injustice of criminal prosecutions in the U.S, and a glimpse so many of America’s disenfranchised voters are black. Before last November’s midterm elections, Hatty Lee offered up some startling infographics that put the numbers in perspective: Over 5 million, or one of forty-one, adults have lost their voting rights due to felony convictions. And that number includes 1.4 million black men, who’ve lost their voting rights at a rate seven times the national average.