One Small Step for Vanity Fair: Sofia Vergara on Cover of TV Issue

The good thing: Sofia Vergara made the cover in one of those entertainment industry round up covers. The bad thing: black actresses still got pushed to back.

By Jorge Rivas Apr 09, 2012

Vanity Fair has a tradition of having fold out covers for their Hollywood and TV related issues. Usually there’s up to a dozen actors on the fold out cover with light skinned actors and actresses on the front page while actors of color make the inside pages–if there are any included at all.

The latest issue is the umpteenth time a Vanity Fair cover pushes a black actress to the back pages while actresses with lighter skin make the cover. This time around they did include Colombian actress Sofia Vergara on the cover but pushed Kerry Washington, Grace Park and Archie Panjabi to the back pages inside the magazine. 

That last spread is below along with an abridged history of Vanity Fair’s fold out covers.