One in Five NYC Asians Live Below Poverty; LAPD Defends Special Order 40

By The News Oct 29, 2008

20% of New York’s Asian Community Below Poverty “These findings counter the widely held perception of Asian Americans doing well financially,” said AAF executive director Cao O. “Many Asians are vulnerable and unprotected, trapped on the low rungs of the economic ladder.” Crain’s New York. LAPD: Special Order 40 Doesn’t Inhibit Policing After a Black teenager was killed by an undocumented gang member, some city council members questioned whether Special Order 40, a measure that limits when officers can inquire about the immigration status of crime victims and suspects, prevented police from doing their jobs. Former LAPD Chief Daryl F. Gates and other officers disagree. Los Angeles Times. Children Have More Food Allergies, Latino Kids Underreported Latino children had lower rates of food allergies than white or black children — the first such racial/ethnic breakdown in a national study. The reason for that last finding may not be genetics, said Munoz-Furlong. She is Hispanic and said people in her own family have been unwilling to consider food allergies as the reason for children’s illnesses. "It’s a question of awareness," she said. Associated Press. Fla. Black Voters Make Sure Votes Count Anxious after hearing rumors that ballots cast in early voting wouldn’t be counted, Florida still expects a record number of Black voters. New York Times.