One in 100 Adults in Prison; SNL Defends Blackface Obama

By The News Feb 29, 2008

UK Makes Point-Based Immigration System In efforts to attract highly skilled workers to the country, the United Kingdom has developed a point system on which to accept immigrants from outside the EU. Skills and earning potential are key indicators for the score, but will vary based on the country from which a person is migrating. BBC United States Leads the World in Incarcerations A new report finds that more than one in 100 American adults are behind bars. Even higher for men of color, one in 34 Latino men and one in fifteen Black men is in prison. New York Times. SNL Defends Obama Sketch Some argue that Saturday Night Live’s choice for Fred Armisen to don blackface and play Barack Obama was a bad one, but Lorne Michaels, creator of the show, says the sketch is funny and there are plans to do more. Washington Post. Asians’ Role in the Housing Crisis The housing crisis in America is affecting everyone, but recent figures show that Asian homeownership in the United States continues to rise. Asian Week.