Olivia Pope’s Daddy Just Had a Very Good Weekend

By Jamilah King Aug 18, 2014

Joe Morton, the actor who plays Olivia Pope’s father on ABC’s "Scandal," just won a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor. From The Hollywood Reporter:

When my category came up, I looked for a door marked ‘exit,’" joked Morton from the stage, acknowledging that he didn’t expect to hear his name.

Backstage, Morton expressed his appreciation for the award: "It’s an incredible feeling to have been in the business this long — this is the first time I’ve been up for one of these things. And given who I was quote unquote up against, it’s terrific."

He added: "My head is in the clouds somewhere, and my feet are trying to touch the ground."

Papa Pope don’t play.

(h/t The Hollywood Reporter)