Ohio Ruling Could Impact 200,000 Voters; Bill to Grant Access to Students of Color

By The News Oct 16, 2008

Ohio Court Ruling Could Impact 200,000 Voters A reversal by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati this week threatens to disqualify 200,000 mostly new Ohio voters whose voter information did not match government databases. Republicans are hoping to use these voting records to challenge new voters, many of whom are Democrats. New York Times. Election Suppression: Is Obama Doing Enough to Secure Voting? As if the experience of Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 were not enough, there are already visible efforts underway to marginalize or exclude Democratic voters, many who are Black or poor, from voting in the 2008 election. BAR’s Bruce Dixon asks "Where is Obama, where are Democrats on election integrity?" Black Agenda Report Legislation May Help Improve Access to College For Students of ColorThe Early Commitment to College bill, SB890 aims to make going to college easier and more accessible. "One of the problems for all low-income youth is that their families don’t have an expectation that they’ll go to college," said Steve Weiner, co-founder of the Campaign for College Opportunity and a supporter of the Same Me a Spot in College Campaign. New American Media. NY Attorney General Cuomo Threatens A.I.G. Officials With Legal Action Over Bailout Expenditures New York attorney general Andrew Cuomo threatened yesterday in an unusual street press conference on Wall St. that unless A.I.G. repays American taxpayers for unprecedented payments to top executives after receiving federal bailout money, he will force their repayment by court order. New York Times.