“Official Hate”: Nezua Explains Immigration’s 287(g) Provision [VIDEO]

By Channing Kennedy Sep 15, 2009

News With Nezua | Sept. 07, 2009 | 287g from nezua on Vimeo.

If you’re like me, you know where you stand on the immigration debate (i.e. as far away as possible from the old white dudes with guns and American flags), and you’ve got no questions about the immorality of a system that keeps people vulnerable to exploitation and inhumane treatment. But the legal ins and outs of immigration policy itself can be hard to keep straight, no matter how familiar one is with the policy’s consequences. Fortunately for you and me, Nezua is here to help. In addition to his excellent blogging at The Unapologetic Mexican, Nezua’s started a weekly video feature with La Frontera Times, ‘News with Nezua,’ to discuss immigration news, and to talk about what it means to be Latino. And, in this one, to explain the ramifications of U.S. immigration policy’s 287(g) provision, which deputizes local police into Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Spoiler alert: they’re not good ramifications! And of course, you can also read Nezua’s Weekly Immigration Wire updates right here on RaceWire. Thanks to Nezua — and much respect to everyone who keeps us informed on the issues, and arming us to fight lies with truth.