Officer Accused of Oscar Grant Shooting Resigns; Council Mandates NYPD Report of Race in Police Shootings

By Jonathan Adams Jan 08, 2009

Council: NYPD to Report on Race in Police Shootings "The New York City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to require the Police Department to file annual reports about the use of deadly force by officers, including the race, gender and age of the people who were shot." New York Times. BART Officer Resigns After Shooting "The officer involved in a New Year’s Day shooting that left a passenger dead in a crowded Oakland, California, subway station resigned Wednesday, a Bay Area Rapid Transit spokesman said." CNN. Vigilante Group Charged in Anti-Obama Attacks Armed with a police-style baton and a metal pipe, three white men formed a vigilante group on election night to find Black people to assault in retaliation for Obama’s win. New York Times. Trapped In Ramallah: A Young American’s Perspective "A young Palestinian-American woman living in Ramallah, six miles north of Jerusalem and about 70 miles north of Gaza, shares her fears and perspective on the Israeli attacks." Huffington Post.