Octavia Spencer’s ‘Scary Bitch’ Ads Taken Off L.A. Buses

By Jamilah King Sep 19, 2014

One way you probably shouldn’t advertise a new show starring one of Hollywood’s most accomplished black actresses is by pasting her picture up on an ad next to the phrase "scary bitch." But that’s just what happened with Octavia Spencer*, who’s starring in a new show on FOX called "Red Band Society," which follows a group of teenagers set in the pediatric wing of a hospital. 

The ads have been up for five weeks and will be removed from 190 Metro buses as soon as possible, according to Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesperson Mark Littman, who told the Los Angeles Times that the ads "denigrate women."

A few dozen protesters filed into a recent Metro committee meeting where the announcement was made. Jasmyne Cannick, a 36-year-old social media commentator, told the Times: "I don’t know if I find it more offensive because I’m black, or more offensive because I’m a woman." She added, "I sometimes think our city forgets that there are black people that still live here and call Los Angeles home."

A Fox spokesperson told the Times, "We sincerely apologize if the copy was offensive to viewers."

See the add below:


(h/t Los Angeles Times)