The Obamas Prep for First Date, Explore Museum in New ‘Southside With You’ Previews

By Sameer Rao Aug 18, 2016

Two new previews for romantic comedy-drama "Southside With You" depict the future president and first lady in touching moments before and during their first date in 1989.

The first preview features Tika Sumpter ("Get On Up") and Parker Sawyers ("Zero Dark Thirty") as Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama, respectively, talking to their families about each other. Robinson, then Obama’s advisor at a law firm, insists that they only intend to go to a community meeting. Obama meanwhile fields awkward questions over the phone from his White mother about Robinson’s background.


The second depicts the duo at the Art Institute of Chicago, discussing an Ernie Barnes painting and talking about Robinson’ piano and French skills.

Richard Tanne’s ("Worst Friends") directorial debut, executive produced by John Legend, received critical acclaim after its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

"I loved that it was an origin story about the two most famous people in the world right now, and about how they fell in love," said Sumpter about the film to The New York Times. "You don’t see a lot of Black leads in love stories, and you definitely don’t see a lot of walk and talks with Black people."

"Southside With You" hits the big screen on August 26.