Obama’s Address to Immigration Rally [VIDEO]

By Jorge Rivas Mar 22, 2010

Obama’s recorded message for Sunday’s immigration rally was very clear: "I pledge to do everything in my power to forge a bipartisan consensus on this issue this year." But for many immigrants that have been following the immigration debate, Obama’s promise sounds all too familiar. "Presidente Obama, you promised Univision’s Jorge Ramos that you would pass immigration reform your first year in office. We’re waiting and the clock is ticking," said political analyst Juan Hernandez. According to Assemblyman Hector de la Torre (D- CA) Obama doesn’t have all year for immigration reform. "Immigration reform needs to happen before summer. We’re going to start to see election campaigns this summer and we’re going to start seeing a lot of division of attitudes among Republicans and Democrats" Torre said. In Sunday’s message Obama endorsed Senators Schumer and Graham’s proposal:

We’ve worked together with Senators Shumer and Graham as they developed a framework that includes common sense and effective strategies to protect our borders and enforce the law while offering a path to citizenship for hard working people who register, pay taxes, pay a fine and play by the rules.

ColorLines’ Seth Wessler points out that in a recent op-ed, Schumer and Graham used the word ‘illegal’ 11 times. "Calling people ‘illegal’ over and over again is not a great way to message around a bill meant to “mend” anything" Wessler said. Specially if they’re trying to make this happen before Summer.