Obama Says TTYN (Tweet To You Never)?

By Jonathan Adams Dec 16, 2008

H/T Looseneck.com Twitter is one more thing for you to sign up for to stalk your friends and wannabe friends. Barack Obama was one of many people that you could follow during the campaign season. He would send you updates to let you know where he was along the trail or briefly plug an important issue of his platform. Since winning the election, though, Obama has not updated his Twitter and some of his supporters feel neglected.

I was so excited, I’m like damnnnnn, this is change! You mean to tell me that I can just get on Twitter and follow the President around? see what part of the world he’s in? what meeting he’s attending? or if he’s planning to have dinner with M.O.? DOPE! Then, I take a look at the dates. On November 4th, he asked for our votes repeatedly. The last update he made was on November 5th saying: “We just made history. All of this happened because you gave your time, talent and passion. All of this happened because of you. Thanks.” Word Obama??!! All your followers just took our asses to the polls and voted for you, got you elected, put you in office and now we can’t know where you are?! That’s how it is???!! I’m offended, I was looking forward to updates like ”out getting a new puppy!” or ”meeting with the U.N. Council” or ”painting the White House black,”….whatever! The point is, I was looking forward to saying connected to our beloved President.

Young people were revved up for Obama and his message of change, but some feel disconnected from his transition to the White House. Maybe the others are too busy planning their trips to the inauguration in a few weeks, but I don’t think we can overlook the potential that these young voters possess. These are all activists in the making. We have to organize these twittering young people and get them to use all this extra energy in the name of racial justice.