Obama: Right-To-Work Laws Mean ‘Right To Work For Less Money’ [Video]

Dec 11, 2012

President Barack Obama visited the Detroit Diesel Corp. plant Monday to build support for his plan to avoid the "fiscal cliff." During his visit he dubbed the state’s "Right to work bill" as the "right to work for less" bill. Right-to-work laws are "giving you the right to work for less money," Obama said. "What we shouldn’t be doing is try to take away your rights to bargain for better wages or working conditions," he said, arguing for the need for high-skilled, well-payed workers. "We don’t want a race to the bottom. We want a race to the top." [Earlier this year,](http://colorlines.com/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/colorlne/managed-mt/mt-search.cgi?blog_id=2&tag=Right-To-Work&limit=20) Indiana became a right-to-work state, and in 2011, Wisconsin passed laws restricting union rights for public workers.