Obama Administration Lifts HIV Immigration Ban

By The News Jun 30, 2009

Obama Takes First Step in Lifting Ban The Office of Management & Budget just finished the research required to start the process of lifting an immigration ban which denied people diagnosed with HIV entry into the United States. Immigrant rights advocates hope the ban will be lifted by the end of the year. Polling Shows Support For Affirmative Action Despite Arizona’s pending vote on banning state affirmative action programs, a recent CBS News/New York Times Poll found 50 percent of people polled supported affirmative action programs while only 41 percent opposed them. Study Links Depressive Mood to Racial Disparities In Preterm Birth A study in the Journal of Women’s Health found that women who have depression before pregnancy are at higher risk of having preterm births with Black women twice as likely as white women to have a preterm birth. Tribes Keep Eye On Health Care Reform Debate A treaty made in 1787 between American Indian tribes and the U.S., which requires the government to provide free health care to people living on reservations, has tribes closely watching the debate.