Oakland Green Jobs Corps to Begin Training; Sharpton’s Brother Leads Voting Rights Effort in Prisons

By The News Oct 03, 2008

Oakland Implements Green Jobs Training Program "The Oakland Green Jobs Corps, an ambitious plan to lift at-risk youths out of lives of poverty and violence and place them into jobs helping the environment, this month is recruiting its first students as a contract gets finalized between the city of Oakland and three organizations chosen to run the training." Oakland Tribune. Africans Wary New US Command About Self-Serving Interests On Wednesday, a new command took over all U.S. military operations in Africa, a program that many on the continent fear has a hidden agenda skewed by the war on terror and a self-interested scramble for resources. Associated Press. Kansas Mayor Apologizes for Blackface Skit Unaware that his prize-winning blackface costume at a fundraiser for foster children was offensive until he met with local NAACP officials, Arkansas City Mayor Mel Kuhn has apologized for the, "offensive nature of my actions." Associated Press. Sharpton’s Brother Registers Alabama Prisoners to Vote Despite the aggressive campaign by the Alabama Republican Party, Pastor Kenneth Glasgow, Rev. Al Sharpton’s brother, has begun registering the many drug offenders in jail not blocked by disenfranchisement statutes. EURWeb.