NYPD Covertly Labels Mosques as Terrorism Organizations

Undercover documents expose extensive mosque surveillance in New York.

By Von Diaz Aug 28, 2013

Since 2001 the New York Police Department has been secretly designating entire mosques as terrorism sites, enabling them to monitor both religious leaders and average people attending services. These revelations come from Associated Press reporters Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman who will publish their findings in the upcoming book "Enemies Within: Inside the NYPD’s Secret Spying Unit and bin Laden’s Final Plot Against America."

Based on previously unpublished CIA, FBI, and NYPD files and interviews, these investigative reporters found evidence of a vast network of undercover NYPD "mosque crawlers" who gathered extensive information about people’s personal lives and political and religious beliefs. 

The AP reports that the NYPD has opened dozens of "terrorism enterprise investigations" or TEI’s, which often went on for many years without any criminal charges filed.

This news comes as a federal judge ruled that another NYPD surveillance and racial profiling tool, Stop-and-Frisk, violates people’s civil rights and requires major changes. The NYPD recently requested the judge’s ruling be held pending appeal, and could have the ruling frozen by a higher court.