NYFD Attracts More People of Color; Jesse Jackson to March on Wall St.

By The News Nov 29, 2007

New York’s Bravest Attracting More Blacks and Latinos While the NYPD has been in tnews for fatally shooting mentally-ill Black men, the Fire Department has doubled its pool of black and Hispanic job candidates since 2002. New York Times Jesse Jackson: Dems Don’t Care About Black People Jesse Jackson, in his Chicago Sun-Times column, says that none of the Democratic presidential candidates have seriously addressed the plight of the poor except John Edwards. He says, "They aren’t talking about the separate and stark realities facing African Americans." Chicago Sun-Times Mainstream Media Likes Laughing at Latinos Roberto Lovato surveys mainstream media and finds Latinos, specifically immigrants, are the punchline of too many jokes. While he does point to highlights like Ugly Betty, most television shows and movies have not had the same approach to addressing immigration. Huffington Post. Jesse Jackson to March on Wall Street In protest of the foreclosure crisis, Jackson plans to march on Wall Street next month to demand action from the city. NY1