NY Governor Decries Hate Crime; European Leaders’ Racist Response to Obama Election

By The News Nov 11, 2008

Obama’s Election Sets Off Racist Remarks Internationally "Over the past week, a number of European lawmakers and journalists have made foot-in-mouth comments regarding America’s Black president-elect, suggesting that some otherwise respected public figures in Europe are far from enlightened on racial matters." Washington Post. Gov. Paterson Decries Killing of Ecuadorean Man Gov. David A. Paterson yesterday spoke out about seven high school students looking "to beat up some Mexicans" who attacked an immigrant from Ecuador on a Long Island street. Paterson says the disgraceful act–that police are calling a hate crime–"should serve as a source of outrage for all of us. Newsday. Obama, the Asian American Jeff Yang’s point was actually a good one: that Obama fit in with certain experiential and demographic trends that matched Asian American experiences and demographics better than African American ones. HYPHEN. Palo Alto Moves to Prevent Racial Profiling "Palo Alto city leaders are getting involved in the controversy created when the police chief instructed the city’s officers to question African Americans during a recent crime surge in the city. The Palo Alto City Council Monday approved a resolution condemning racial profiling. The council also ordered the police department to provide quarterly reports showing traffic stops broken down by race." KTVU.