NY Gov. Paterson: ‘I’m Black, Blind, and Still Alive’

By Jamilah King Feb 10, 2010

Those were the words of embattled Governor David Paterson this morning as he fought back against claims that he’s about to be ousted from office amid corruption, drug, and sex charges. In the soap opera that’s become New York state politics, Paterson appeared on the Don Imus Show and said that he’s being "racialized" and "sexualized." From the New York Daily News:

"I have been depicted in a way that has been racialized, sexualized, hyper-sexualized and dissolute," Paterson said. …"For a person who has such weak poll numbers, that hasn’t raised enough money and has diminishing political support, someone is going very far out of their way to see that I am not a candidate this year," he said.

Imus, of course, completely understood his pain.