Not You, But What You Did, Is Racist?

By Jonathan Adams Aug 05, 2008

Jay Smooth does it again. Here’s his video "How to Tell People They Sound Racist." We all have a friend that doesn’t mean to be racist. Though we did away with a definition of racism that is based on intention, I’m willing to work with someone who says the wrong thing and just needs a little enlightening. If we can talk about racism as an act separate from you as a person, I agree with the Illdoctrinator, I think that the debate can be more civil and it becomes a teaching moment. But I think there are moments when you just have to call a racist a racist. Case in point: Toby Keith (h/t Stereohyped)

During a July 30 interview on talking face Glenn Beck’s radio broadcast, Toby Keith, Oklahoman and the musical genius behind the hit pro-lynching anthem “Beer for My Horses,” told Beck that he thinks Barack Obama is highly successful with black Americans because “he don’t talk, act or carry himself like a black person.”

Click here for audio. Tell me if I’m wrong.