NJ Female, POC Attorneys Treated Unfairly, and other news

By The News Aug 24, 2009

Female, POC Lawyers in NJ Still Face Discrimination Based on responses from 851 attorneys in a 2007 survey, a recent report released by the Supreme Court Committee on Women in the Court shows that a majority of females and people of color believe lawyers of their own sex or gender still experience discrimination. First Black Officer in Green Bay PD The Green Bay Police Department has just hired its first Black police officer in its 152-year history. Solomon Ayres recognizes that race "will be part of the equation" in his job, and anticipates the tension he will receive from both Blacks and whites. Reno Students of Color Lagging Academically School officials from Washoe County in Reno, NV, believe that underrepresented students will actually be the majority in their district within five years. However, data shows that students of color in their schools are academically behind in large part due to an inequity in resources.