NJ Bill Seeks In-State Tuition For Immigrant Students, and other news

By The News Apr 20, 2009

Case Won’t Close On Gitmo President Obama’s authorization to release the "torture memos" describing CIA interrogation tactics during the Bush era marks a transparency that may bode well for U.S.-Arab relations under his leadership. But critics still question his policy on shielding former CIA officials, as well as his plans to properly detain Guantanamo prisoners. AP. NJ Bill Seeks In-State Tuition For Immigrant Students In New Jersey, a bill that would allow undocumented immigrant students to pay in-state tuition for college is gaining ground, though supporters of the bill recognize that today’s prevailing anti-immigrant climate may deter the its passage. NY Times. Beyond What’s "Black and White" In Sports A Huffington Post writer tackles the tricky realm of sports stereotyping, proposing that prevailing notions of Black athletic supremacy versus White ‘smarts’ and work ethic simply won’t do sports any good. Huffington Post. New Orleans’ Race Mixing Reminiscent of Rich History A long history of mixed race relations may prove to be a beneficial foundation for New Orleans to build upon, as the city continues to experience dramatic shifts in its ethnic demographic, following the Katrina tragedy. LA Times.