Nike loses millions for discriminating against Blacks

By The News Jul 31, 2007

Is Gonzo a Goner? [VIDEO]. What about Bush? If President Bush had just forced Gonzales to step down months ago he could avoided the mess that is most likely going to unfold this week.–Alternet. Nike pays $7.6 million to settle Chicago discrimination suit. Just sue it. The allegations include: — Segregating African-Americans into lower-paying stockroom and cashier positions. — Denying opportunities for promotions to sales positions by failing to post job openings. — Hiring African-Americans into part-time rather than full-time positions that received benefits, such as health insurance and paid vacation. — Subjecting African-American employees to searches when leaving the store, while Caucasian employees were free from such searches. Work rules regarding attendance, sick leave and employee discounts also were unequally applied, the suit said.–Chicago Tribune