Nicki Minaj Urges Gay Teens to “Be Brave” Amid Suicide Wave

The rapper's got moving words for her gay fans. And bullies, too.

By Jamilah King Oct 04, 2010

While rapper 50 Cent is out making asinine comments about sexuality (yet again), rising star Nicki Minaj is taking hip-hop in another direction. Minaj, who’s already embraced her healthy following of gay fans, spoke out this weekend against the recent rash of gay suicides.

"I would encourage my gay fans to be fighters and to be brave," she told MTV News on Friday. "People face difficulties, no matter who you are. I faced difficulties with a lot of things. I face opposition every day, but I didn’t kill myself and now, thank God, I’m here. So I want my life to be a testimony to my fans and my gay fans.

"I mean I could never imagine what they’re going through," she continued. "But I know that suicide is never the answer and I know that things always get better. So I’m supporting you guys. I love you very, very much and for the people who don’t love you, they need help."

Last week, the issue of suicides among gay youth made national headlines after 18-year-old college student Tyler Clementi jumped to his death in New Jersey. Clementi is believed to have been distraught after his college roommate secretly filmed and then live-streamed his make out session with another man. Days later, 19-year-old openly gay Raymond Chase hung himself in his dorm room in Rhode Island. In total, there have been at least five LGBT teen suicides in three weeks.

The news has prompted many in the LGBT community to declare a state of emergency and push for more stringent anti-bullying policies in schools.

And Minaj, who walked away big at this weekend’s BET Hip Hop Awards, has got a message for the bullies, too.

"I don’t agree that everyone should agree with everyone’s lifestyle. I think that some people aren’t going to agree, but I think when you’re mean and when you ridicule people it’s a sign of your own insecurities.

"So shout out to all my Ken and Barbies out there and my girls too; just believe that things will get better and they will, they always do."

Though that message alone may not be enough to curb hate, it’s a start.