News you Missed: Counting Protesters, A Prince in Harlem

By Malena Amusa Jan 30, 2007

–Why did major news outlets fail to report the exact number of attendees at this weekend’s massive Washington D.C. rally against the Iraq war? But also, of the tons and tons of thousands, why were so few protesters of color there?? (as my one friend noted)… I mean, Rev. Jackson can’t hold it down by himself. But I suppose we were too busy working, huh? –Who else didn’t know Prince Charles could hoop?? Well, according to news, during his Sunday visit to New York’s Harlem Children Zone, a minority-youth-centered academic achievement program, the Prince stopped by a basketball center in the Zone and showed his skillz. He hit all-net on his second-shot attempt. Cheerio Charles!! Cheerioooo!