Newark Violence Spurs NJ Immigration Order; BET Show Stirs Community Again

By The News Aug 24, 2007

Newark Violence Triggers Criminal Immigration Inquiry The New Jersey Attorney General, in response to the public outcry about violence in Newark, has ordered New Jersey police to ask arrested suspects their immgration status. Families Flock to Black Charter Schools Desperate for Quality Education Frustrated with poorly funded public schools, Black families wait on long lists in hopes of providing their children with culturally enriched education in successful charter schools. Cosby, Less Crass, Continues to Spread Message Bill Cosby continues to preach his controversial message of self-responsibility, but this time with more compassion. Is BET’s Controversial Cartoon Cause for Concern? BET created an animated video that arguable satirizes the cliché BET music video to promote ‘literacy and black pride.’ NAACP, Black Community Divided Over Support for Michael Vick Atlanta NAACP leader’s statement of support for Michael Vick revealed not only their schism with the national office on the issue, but the divide within Black public opinion.