Newark Mayor Cory Booker arrived home last night just in time to save his next-door neighbor from her burning home. The mayor was a guest on CBS’ "This Morning" to describe his heroic efforts. [From CBS "This Morning" ](> Booker said that as he jumped through the kitchen on the second floor, "I actually wasn’t > thinking. When I got there and couldn’t find her in all the smoke, looked behind me and saw the kitchen really erupting with flames all over the ceiling, that’s when I had very clear thoughts that I’m not going to get out of this place alive and got … very religious. > > "It is a very, very scary thing. And I’d like to say that I, at that point I was feeling so courageous, but honestly, it was terrifying, and to look back, you can see nothing but flames. Look in front of you see nothing but blackness. > > "Thankfully she started yelling out to me and I was able to find her through all the smoke. At that point I grabbed her." > > He admitted he was "not gentle" with her – "I just sort of threw her over my shoulder and dragged her through the kitchen." Booker told the hosts now that he’s been through this experience he’s ill-equipped to do firefighter union negotiations – ‘These guys, give them everything!’"