New York IDs to Track Transborder Travel, McCain Reveals Spanish Ads Criticizing Obama on Immigration

By Jonathan Adams Sep 16, 2008

McCain Criticizes Obama en Español Senator John McCain’s campaign began running an advertisement on Spanish language television stations in Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico over the weekend that accuses Obama and fellow Democrats for a failed immigration reform bill when in actuality "Obama was generally supportive of the legislation and that Republicans took much of the blame for its failure." New York Times. Racism in the Virtual World, too. Two Northwestern University social psychologists, who conducted the first experimental field studies in the virtual world, found that avatars in these elaborate fantasylands responded to social cues to help one another — and revealed racial biases – in the same ways that people do in the real world. Science Daily. Biden Addresses Race in North Carolina "Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden, campaigning in North Carolina where black votes could help swing the state to the Democrats, said today that electing a black person to the White House would be transformative." Asheville Citizen-Times. New York Offers Transcontinental Driver’s Licenses "New York drivers can begin applying today for an enhanced driver’s license that will comply with tighter travel controls adopted after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The second state after Washington to grant the license, it can be shown at the U.S. border instead of a more expensive passport." Jamestown Post-Journal.