New York City Has Widest Income Gap According to American Community Survey

The newest U.S. Census Bureau data shows poverty rates remain high nationwide, but haven't increased.

By Von Diaz Sep 19, 2013

To complement the Census Bureau’s recent release of annual poverty, income and health insurance statistics, today the bureau released data from the American Community Survey. The survey’s findings, which can be difficult to navigate for the average person and will likely emerge in the coming days, have already highlighted some interesting state-specific information.

Among them, New York City is found to have the widest income gap of any U.S. city, with a poverty rate of nearly 15 percent and a median household income of $64,000. Overall, the Census Bureau found there were not significant statistical variations from last year, aside from increased health coverage nationwide in particular for children and teens. And so, despite economic stimulus efforts in the U.S., women and people of color continue to earn lower wages, and are at higher risk for living in poverty.