New York City Becoming Less Dominican, More Mexican, Census Finds

By Jorge Rivas May 14, 2012

More Dominicans left New York City than arrived since 2000 while the growth of Mexican immigrants nearly bumped them ahead of South Americans into third place among Latinos in NYC, according to Census data analysed by the population division of the NYC Department of City Planning.

If the trend continues, Mexicans are "poised" to overtake Puerto Ricans and Dominicans among mothers giving birth in the city. The New York Times’ City Room blog points out "birthrates among Mexican immigrants in North Corona, Queens, are nearly as high as among Orthodox Jews in central Brooklyn, who have one of the highest birthrates of any group in the city."

Latinos are New York City’s second-largest ethnic group, making up 28% of the city’s 8.2 million residents. More than one in four New Yorkers is Latino.