New U.S Border ID Rules in Effect; New Americans Caucus to Fight Anti-Immigration Bills

By The News Jan 31, 2008

New U.S Border ID Rules Begin Starting today, U.S and Canadian citizens crossing through the U.S-Mexican and Canadian borders will have to show proof of citizenship- a passport, traveler card, birth certificate or driver’s license. MSNBC Obama States Position on Israel In a conference call with Israeli and Jewish reporters from Florida on Monday, Obama voiced his support for Israeli demands in peace talks with Palestinians stating his opposition to the "literal" return of Palestinian refugees to homes they fled in Israel. Associated Press Foreign Detainees Receive Settlement in Sedation Case Amadou Diouf, a native of Senegal and Raymond Soeoth of Indonesia who were detained at Terminal Island detention facility in San Pedro agreed on a monetary settlement and the right to live in the U.S for at least another two years. They have dropped their ACLU-backed lawsuit accusing U.S Immigration officials of forcibly drugging them in deportation efforts. LA Times Judge Reprimanded for Racist/Sexist Comments Washington County Circuit Judge W. Kennedy Boone was reprimanded and has made an official apology for calling three black female lawyers "the Supremes" in court and advising the defendant to get "an experienced male attorney." MSNBC Lawmakers Come Together Against Anti-Immigration Lawmakers in Maryland who are the children or grandchildren of immigrants or are newcomers to the U.S themselves have created a coalition called the New Americans Caucus. They intend to fight bills introduced by conservative Republicans that would deny services to illegal immigrants stating the bills unfairly stigmatize legal immigrants. Washington Post